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The area of Medical Negligence is an area in which we at McDermott Byrne Solicitors, for
reasons both personal and professional, take a special interest. As Medical Negligence
claims are recognised as being the most complex of personal injury matters, we have taken
the step of engaging Cliodhna McGuire, a Consultant who specialises in Medical

Two Year Time Limit:

Most people in Ireland are unaware that legal proceedings in respect of a medical negligence
matter must begin within two years of (a) the injury or (b) the date you became aware
(or ought to have become aware) of the injury.

Therefore, if you think that you have suffered an injury as a result of negligent medical care,
you should consult a Solicitor as soon as possible after your injury or as soon as possible
after discovering this injury.

Proving Medical Negligence and Damage:

For a claim in Medical Negligence to be successful, a Plaintiff has to prove two factors:

1) That the medical care/treatment received was negligent; and

2) That this negligence caused damage/injury.

The amount of compensation recoverable by the Plaintiff of a successful Medical Negligence
claim will depend on the extent of the damage caused by the negligence.

In order to prove that there was negligence and that this negligence resulted in damage, your
Solicitor will have to uplift and examine copies of your medical records. Hospitals and
Doctors often charge a fee for providing copies of their records and the cost of obtaining
medical records will depend on (a) the amount of Doctors and Hospitals involved in your
care and (b) whether you are a public or private patient.

It is required by law that before a claimant can take an action in Medical Negligence, the
claimant must first obtain a report from an independent Consultant to confirm that the
medical care or treatment received was negligent and resulted in damage. Such reports are
usually obtained from Consultants in the UK and the cost will depend on the type of injury
and the volume of medical records involved.

If you suspect that you have a claim in Medical Negligence, and you require advice regarding
the viability and strength of your case, please contact us to make an appointment with
Cliodhna McGuire, or email Cliodhna at where she will contact you as a
matter of priority.

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